How To Get More Instagram Views

How To Get More Instagram Views

Buy Instagram Video Views

Instagram is now a popular social media platform. Many people give priority to this site to be a star or start their online business. By using this site you can make popular of your brands. To increase your brand strength of course you need to have a lot of views on your brand page. Enough view is the sign of your popularity, social proof, and brand reputation. The quickest way is to Buy Instagram Video Views that will help to increase your social proof and brand reputation.

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for sharing picture and videos. But gaining views organically is not so easy. So, why you waste your time? Be smart and take opportunities that will be helpful for your brands. You cannot deny the power of popularity. And the number of Instagram views shows how popular you are!

How to Get More Views on Instagram?

Instagram Stories is an extremely powerful tool for social media marketing as well as personal branding. However, no matter how great your Instagram Stories are, you are not going to gain any more reach or engagement without an increase in views. Increasing views on Instagram Stories may seem near impossible at times. But today we are going to give you the most effective tips & tricks to increase views on your Instagram Stories. How to Get More Views On Instagram From Buyhqlikes.

Get your Instagram Account Promoted on Buyhqlikes?

To get that Instagram Views boost, you need to find a way to tap into a massive audience. And no one embeds Instagram posts into their content as much as Buyhqlikes.

A Buyhqlikes staff member wrote an article about how she grew her personal brand as an Instagram influencer. Buyhqlikes does have a Community section where anyone can post their own content onto their platform, though you’ll need to follow their guidelines to build trust and to get visibility.

Get More Instagram Video Views?

Instagram has lifted the limit from their videos, a few years ago, and since that time the amount of video content on this social media network has Buyhqlike. In 2018, social media marketing and Instagram videos seem to be a match made in heaven, due to the platform’s rising popularity and better compatibility with the video content. Ads, Instagrams stories and regular posts on Instagram can all feature short video clips, that last just enough to convey the messages you want your followers to get.

Getting hundreds or thousands of views for your Instagram videos is not an easy task because you must invest a lot of time, effort and planning if you want your Instagram videos to get the attention they deserve. If you would like to increase the amount views your videos on Instagram are getting, you are at the right place because in this article we will provide you with some useful advice that might help you get more views on each video you post on your Instagram account.

How do Instagram video views work?

This metric isn’t too important for common Instagram users since most of the people on Instagram don’t use this social media network for professional purposes. Things change drastically if you are using Instagram to promote the services your company offers or to advertise brand’s products.

A video view is counted if the user of the platform has spent more than three seconds watching any given video. It is safe to say that your followers are going to have to spend a lot of time watching videos you post if you would like to reach the numbers of views videos are getting on other popular social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

How to get more Instagram video views?

1. Pre-edit videos on a computer

Android Smartphones and iPhones can capture high-res videos, but video editing apps still lack the features that video editing software like Wondershare Buyhqlikes provides. Pre-editing videos on a computer with Buyhqlikes will enable you to produce videos that have 1:1 aspect ratios, or to use some of the stunning visual effects provided by this amazing video editing software.

Furthermore, the videos edited on a computer will look more professional, because you can use it to add intros or create smooth transitions between the shots in your Instagram video.

2. Post the behind the scenes video

One of the greatest advantages the social media has brought to its users is the instant access to the events or projects that are organized by their favorite brands. Posting videos that show how the behind the scenes of a fashion show or a corporate event looks like will certainly attract a lot of attention from your Instagram followers.

If you would like to get more views for your Instagram videos, post behind the scenes videos on your Instagram account as often as you can.

3. Choosing the appropriate hashtags

A hashtag is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be taken lightly because it is designed to extend the reach of your posts beyond your Instagram followers. Finding the best hashtags on Instagram is relatively easy since you only have to tap on the Search icon and you’ll be able to see posts with the trending hashtags on the platform.

A post with just a single hashtag has 12,6% more engagement than an Instagram post that doesn’t have any hashtags.

4. Post your videos at peak times

In life and in social media marketing, timing is everything. Finding the best time to post your video on Instagram isn’t an exact science since different studies have come up with conflicting results. Despite this, the best time to post a video on Instagram is in the afternoon or in the evening when the majority of your followers are at home while posting during the working hours produces underwhelming results.

5. Use boomerangs and Instagram Stories

Since the introduction of Instagram Stories in August 2016, the number of Instagram users has almost doubled, which only shows how popular and important Instagram Stories are. Even though videos featured in Instagram Stories cannot be longer than 15 seconds, they provide more than enough room to create compelling short videos.

Boomerang feature, is right at the border between a photo and a video which opens up space for experimentation and trying out different approaches to your followers.

Including a call to action is the description of a video will spark enthusiasm and inspire the viewer of your Instagram video to post a comment, visit a website or take any other action you want them to.

6. Repost your videos

If your videos on Instagram are not getting as many views as you would like you can easily happen that some of the followers simply missed the video you posted.

7. Run Instagram video ads

Switching to an Instagram business profile will enable you to invest money in video ads that can extend the reach of your posts. If your videos don’t get enough views paying for an advertisement might do the trick and produce the traffic on your Instagram page you were hoping for.

Video ads can be used you to target a particular demographics which can be quite useful if you are trying to reach a new market that could actually need your products or services.

8. Link your Instagram account to other social media or your website

Your Facebook friends may not even know that you have an Instagram account your base of already existing contacts. Linking your Instagram account to other social media accounts or even your website can generate new followers.

The best part is, that you’ll probably increase the number of views your Instagram videos are getting just by letting your friends on social media that you have an account on Instagram.


Cheating is not really an option if you really want to increase the number of views your Instagram videos are getting, although you can actually Buy Instagram video views. Organic content has proven to deliver better results in practice, and besides, you are risking being labeled a fraud. Each of the strategies we explored in this article will assist you in attracting more attention to your videos, but you should be patient and post high-quality content consistently.

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